Outcast Upcycled Plant Based Protein

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The most delicious plant based protein you've never tried...

We're on a mission to solve our food waste problem by rescuing misfit produce from ending up in a landfill. By disrupting the food waste pipeline and reforming it into a new, upcycled plant-based supply chain, we’re one step closer to ending food insecurity and doing it with all the sustainable gusto we can muster!

Outcast works with socially conscious farmers, producers and grocers to create plant-based nutrition for you, the socially conscious consumer. We scoop up the “unsellable” misfit produce that would otherwise end up in a landfill emitting methane gas and we take it to our zero-waste facility where it becomes dried whole food powders.

We work with food producers and consumer packaged good companies who value exceptional, sustainable ingredients to create exceptional products. Our dried whole food powders are used in a variety of goods from pet food, soups, protein powders, baby food and cosmetics. Buying our products means you support local farms and workers and environmental sustainability.

High fives all around.