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If you’re comparing numbers, Iso-Smooth™ isn’t just good, it’s categorically elite. Its astonishing protein content of 91% is among the highest of any protein supplement ever made and its leucine, BCAA, and essential amino acid proportions are high enough to have it included in the conversation of purest proteins available today.

Thanks to decades of scientific research, it’s universally accepted that protein supplementation has real, significant, and meaningful positive effects on muscle mass, muscle strength, and muscle quality in people of all ages.

In North America, the reference daily intake (RDI) of protein is just under half a gram for every pound of bodyweight. However, a high number of academic experts in protein metabolism strongly recommend consuming as much as twice that amount to maintain muscle size, and as much as three times that amount to maximize weightlifting-induced muscle growth

Even when a protein supplement claims to be “100% Whey”, it’s important to investigate one step further. Whey concentrate is a low-cost, low-quality version of whey that contains as little as 34% protein. Why isolate is a more expensive and far superior product containing more than 90% protein. When results matter, the purity and performance of your protein is vital, and whey concentrate just doesn’t contend.

In terms of muscle growth, scientific research has clearly identified that whey protein is superior to soy, casein, egg, and vegan protein when measuring absorption, delivery, and stimulation. Simply put, whey protein is the single most effective muscle-building protein.