Muscletech Clear Muscle
Muscletech Clear Muscle

Muscletech Clear Muscle

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Want to stand out from the crowd? For more than two decades, MuscleTech® has pushed science and human potential to its limits—and MuscleTech® is the culmination of this ambition. This is where our passion meets your potential. 

Find your competitive edge and redefine performance. For more than two decades, we’ve fueled those with the strength to not just play the game, but to change it. And with a staggering 15 studies behind its core ingredient, Clear Muscle® continues the tradition with a revolutionary compound engineered to increase protein synthesis and decrease muscle breakdown.

Built on decades of research and over a dozen scientific studies backing its key ingredient, Clear Muscle is one of the most advanced muscle and strength builders for those unafraid to push limits. It’ll help boost your recovery, so you can train more often. Trust us – if you knew how effective it was, it’d already be part of your regimen.

Packed with BetaTOR® – a unique metabolite and free-acid HMB derivative of leucine Clear Muscle® delivers better performance, strength and increase lean muscle. In one scientific study, on BetaTOR®, subjects simultaneously increased lean body mass and reduced muscle breakdown! 

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